Every year, dealerships must calculate the average price of vehicles available for company car use, for each of the bands published by the Government. To avoid large penalties and fines, the employer must ensure the employee pays for fuel for private use, and the employee needs to ensure correct BIK (Benefit in kind) submissions are made to avoid surprise tax bills.

The software developed by DCML not only improves reporting accuracy by automating the process, it helps manage the risks and liability on the business.


Diary Management System Create accurate records of employee vehicle usage
Advanced reporting functions, giving you full transparency

Monthly vehicle, mileage and fuel declaration. The report takes into account the different journeys that have been logged throughout the period, breaking down the mileage by personal and business miles

Individual BIK tax settings for each user

Analyse fuel card usage and identify 'inappropriate use'

Compares fuel purchased with Fuel cost reimbursement to ensure accurate submissions for staff expenses

Automatic government vehicle band updates Compliance Manager makes automatic updates for government rates or allows petrol and diesel rates to be manually input


DCM Connected

A telematics device which connects through your vehicles OBD port Monitors the journeys made by the staff, removing room for forgotten journeys or miscalculations
Smartphone App Personalised App, Integrated with the Dealer Car Manager platform. This automatically logs journeys using GPS, leaving a simple task of selecting the journey type (private or business) for each journey
A 'real time' solution which gives you private and business use information Instant updates. This means not only can you make retrospective bookings you can also allocate your journey immediately once it's complete