At DCML we understand how customer satisfaction and service are paramount for modern accident repair centres across the UK and Ireland.

You are under continual pressure to provide a supply of quality loan vehicles for all customers be it private, insurance or commercial work.

As a business we understand your loan vehicles could be at greater risk of misuse and damage due to your clients recent driving history. Indeed, many insurers are hesitant to support franchised/independent bodyshops supplying cars to customers.


Diary Management System Simple and effective way of managing your vehicles and ensuring they are utilised in the most cost effective way
Access to optional yet affordable, comprehensive day rate insurance DCM provides access to Aviva comprehensive insurance, minimising the risk to your own insurance policy and reducing the risk of self-insuring
Includes DVLA licence validation Making sure no time is wasted in getting the customer on the way. Giving you the peace of mind of knowing the customer is insured and legally able to drive your vehicle


DCM Connected

A telematics device which connects through your vehicles OBD port Allows you full transparency of how the vehicle is driven, monitoring driver behaviour and removing areas of dispute around any speeding or congestion/toll charges
Access to the fleet risk portal Gives you the ability to monitor your courtesy vehicles 24 hours a day and notifies you of risk, including any misuse
Real time vehicle fault alerts Enhance customer satisfaction by staying one step ahead, should a fault occur