Call Centre and Marketing

With over 17 years of experience helping large dealer groups and manufacturers centralise their call centres for loan vehicle and test drive bookings. DCML have created a range of software solutions which maximise their dealer network's demonstrator and loan car fleet.

DCML software can be used to provide real time usage information to identify the impact of any marketing and service campaigns within their dealer network.


Diary Management System

Access to real time vehicle availability, utilisation stats for your dealer network demonstrator and loan cars

Like for like vehicle replacement, utilise dealer network to support emergency service or recall programmes

Standardised best practice and customer documentation, simplifies process and ensures compliance

Demonstrator compliance monitoring, make sure you meet all your manufacturer's requirements

Access to optional yet affordable, comprehensive day rate insurance cover

Integrated market leading day rate insurance provision

Additional revenue centre

Help insure test drive campaigns to increase sales

Demonstrator compliance monitoring, make sure you meet the manufacturer's standards

Includes DVLA licence validation Confirms eligibility of customers to legally drive your vehicles by matching the insurance requirements


DCM Connected

A telematics device which connects through your vehicle's OBD port

Enables you to know your vehicles location 24/7

Manages driver behaviour and misuse

Removes areas of dispute around speeding fines and congestion charges

Ability to complete fully insured national test drive campaigns to increase sales

Full accident reconstruction Full accident reconstruction, producing comprehensive report of the incident where required
Real time vehicle fault alerts

OBD Fault alerts, helping protect your vehicles

Enhance customer support/satisfaction whilst driving your vehicles