Senior Management

With over 17 years of experience DCML understands the difficulties of running a dealership, from staff management, compliance, running your loan and demonstrator fleets, all while striving to do this as profitably as possible.

Different periods of the year will bring new headaches whether it be company car tax returns in April, renewing your motor trade policy annually, chasing manufacture new car registration targets or maintaining perfect scores in customer satisfaction.


Diary Management System

    Access to real time vehicle availability, utilisation stats for your loan cars

    Standardised best practice and customer documentation

    Demonstrator compliance monitoring, make sure you meet the manufacturer’s standards

Access to optional yet affordable, comprehensive day rate insurance

    Integrated market leading day rate insurance provision

    Additional revenue centre

    Help insure test drive campaigns to increase sales

Includes DVLA licence validation Confirms eligibility of customers to legally drive your vehicles matching the insurance requirements


DCM Connected

A telematics device which connects through your vehicles OBD port

    Enables you to know your vehicles location 24/7

    Manages driver behaviour and misuse

    Removes areas of dispute around speeding fines and congestion charges

    Monitored and fully insured test drive campaigns

Full accident reconstruction Full accident reconstruction, producing comprehensive report of the incident where required
Real time vehicle fault alerts

    OBD Fault alerts, helping protect your vehicles

    Enhance customer support/satisfaction whilst driving your vehicles



BIK reporting through DCM compliance management module

    Creates accurate records of employee vehicle usage

    Analyse fuel card usage and any inappropriate use

    Individual BIK tax settings for each user

    Automatic government vehicle band updates

    Quickly and accurately inform the HMRC of employees’ BIK usage